Morgawr meets the Mermaid

Morgawr meets the Mermaid

As darkness falls this Saturday, Morgawr the Sea Monster will be leading the St Ives Lantern Parade through the streets to the harbour where, rumour has it, he will meet up with the famous local Mermaid.

Zoe and Pete Giles of Barnoon Workshop, a dedicated space for arts and crafts activities in St Ives, have been busy organising community lantern-making workshops in the run-up to the parade. The first parade last year was described in the press as one of the highlights of the year for the town and that’s helped publicise this year’s events.

“Our workshops have been fully booked and we now have an array of marine creatures of all shapes and sizes who will be following Morgawr, as well as a snowman and a walking model of Knill’s Monument,” Zoe said. “We’ll also have our large Fisherwife puppet and a new Pirate Girl puppet taking part.”

The parade will leave Barnoon Workshop at 6pm on Saturday evening and head down Barnoon Hill, onto Ayre Lane, along Fore Street, down Lifeboat Hill and along the Wharf. “There is a great sense of community as everyone gathers together, wrapped up against the cold with musicians for company, illuminating a dark winter’s evening with light and colour as they wend their way through town,” Pete said. “We hope people will cheer us on and join us en route to swell the numbers.”

So it’s fingers crossed for a dry and calm night for the St Ives Lantern Parade but there’s still plenty during the day too. It’s the last chance to visit to Father Christmas in his Winter Wonderland Grotto from 12-4pm. If you want to learn all about St Ives, the History & Mystery Walk starts from the Malakoff at 12pm.

The Shop Window Display Competition has become the most hotly contested events in the St Ives in December calendar. Over 60 shops and galleries around the town go the extra mile with their window decorations to attract more customers but also to compete for one of the coveted annual awards. The results are absolutely stunning and Mark Osterfield, Executive Director of Tate St Ives, will be taking a tour of the town this Saturday to decide who will win the Judge’s Award. And it’s the last day to vote for the popular People’s Award and to enter the House Lights Competition. But, there still fun to had with the Town Treasure Hunt right up until 31st December.

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